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The Controversy About Barack Obama’s Chia Pet

Funny Anti Obama Merchandise

Obama Chia Pet: A controversy

A lot of people were offended when they found out that there was a Chia Pet of President Obama. What’s so controversial about having an Obama’s Chia pet head? This product was banned from store shelves for being racist, disrespectful, and according to a lot of people: “so damn wrong”.

We have look around trying to find products that are funny and not rude, racist, or something totally disrespectful to President Obama. Believe me when I tell you that we have bumped into a lot of articles that look like made by KKK members, and we just turn around and keep looking. After watching those products, we can’t help but to wonder: what’s so wrong and disrespectful about Obama’s Chia Pet Head?

As of this moment, it’s very difficult to find a brick and mortar store to buy Obama’s chia pet because according to a lot of sensitive people in America, Obama’s Chia pet head is racist because it grows forming an Afro. It’s also racist because Obama is the first president in American history to have a chia pet, and no other presidents have had Chia pet heads.

Well, for your information, Barack Obama’s Chia pet is not the first one made for a President of the United States, there are Chia pets of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and even for political figures like the Statue of Liberty, or Hillary Clinton, so that’s the first wrong fact from Obama’s chia pet haters.

A lot of this people also claim that other presidents didn’t get any bad rap just like Obama is getting now with stuff like this. Well, another idea product of misinformation. President Bill Clinton had a corkscrew offensive but funny, and the product was a hit. If you didn’t have enough with the corkscrew, there was also the nutcracker in the form of Hillary Clinton; you could find it if you wanted to buy the Clinton family set. Barack Obama Chia Pet Head is nothing as insulting as the Bush’s toilet scrubber, or the also insulting (but funny) book called My First Presidentiary: a scrapbook by George W. Bush. If you are looking for an Anti-Obama product that’s insulting, disrespectful and just plain rude, you should look around our site for the Anti-Obama toilet paper.

 Now, I’ll give you that, this product grows like an Afro (if  you know how to take care of it), but just because it  grows like that the product isn’t offensive. Obama used  to have an Afro when he was a young man!!


If Obama had to react at some point at this chia pet, he would probably giggle remembering that he used to have a small Afro when he was younger and life was easier for him.

The Obama chia pet head comes in two models, the determined face, and the happy face. My personal favorite is the determined face, it looks really good. The happy face doesn’t look at all like Obama, it looks plain dumb.

Whatever Obama Chia Pet Head you like, you could have a lot of fun because it grows indoors as well as outdoors. If you want to have extra fun with it, you could make Obama grow a Mohawk.

There are also a lot of complains about the Obama chia pet growing bald spots, for that I recommend you the book Gardening-All-in-One for Dummies, this book will teach you everything you need to know about plants.

If however, you keep having problems with bald spots in your Obama chia pet, remember my conservative friends that seeds only grow with water, not urine!!


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5 Latest “Personal” Mistakes of Barack Obama as President

Ok granted, everybody is human and makes mistakes; that also includes the president of the United States. However, there are personal things that Obama as president needs not to do if he doesn’t want America asking: “what has Obama done? What was he thinking?” Here’s a list of 5 personal mistakes from the current American president.

Unless you really love President Obama, you are going to find that some of the things that he did and appear on this list are actually mistakes that could affect, or already affected his polls numbers towards the 2012 elections. So, what has Obama done? From talking to crazy perverts to focusing too much on media lovers, this is a list of President Barack Obama’s 5 latest personal mistakes.

  • Focused too much on Donald Trump.
    We know “the Donald”, he loves media attention and he’s on the verge of an orgasm whenever he says “you’re fired” on his popular TV show. The real estate tycoon talked about getting involved in politics for a while on the first months of 2011, and he started an anti-Obama campaign focusing on Obama’s birth certificate. When Osama Bin Laden was killed, it’s said that Obama waited until Trump’s show was on TV to give the news and in this way interrupt the show. On the 2011 Annual Correspondents Dinner 2011, President Obama made fun of Trump with a lot of jokes for a very long time. He focused too much on the media lover. Later, Trump decided not to run for office, which is great.
  • Uncomfortable chat with Silvio Berlusconi.
    During the G8 Summit in France, Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi approached a visibly uncomfortable President Obama saying that there was “a dictatorship of leftwing judges” trying to get him and the microphones were open when he said it. Berlusconi was having problems with the law at the moment due to organizing orgies and having sex with underage women. The open microphone stunt with Obama cost him the elections. Even though Obama as president shouldn’t be rude, he could have tried to finish the conversation with the Italian representative with some excuse, instead of looking really uncomfortable during the chat the entire time.
  • Ate Chili Dogs.
    Eating chili dogs in not a big deal for anybody and shouldn’t be. Obama as president has all the right to eat whatever he wants to eat; he’s not fat, he’s not competing on the Biggest Loser, actually he’s in very good shape. However, it’s very bad to eat chili dogs and fries when your wife is campaigning against obesity. A day after Michelle Obama unveiled the new and easier to understand pie chart that replaces the healthy food pyramid President Obama goes, eats chili dogs and fries in Toledo, OH.
  • Drank a Pint of Guinness Beer.
    During his visit to Ireland President Obama didn’t hesitate when he was offered a pint of Guinness beer at a bar. He drank the entire pint in four slurps and this made him earn cheers from the crowd at the bar. However, back in America he was criticized for doing this while the Midwest was very affected by tornadoes. There’s even a short video showing Obama giving a drunken speech in Ireland.
  • Played Golf on Memorial Day
    Obama as president played golf 70 times by Memorial Day 2011, and he has played golf two times on that day, this is a really bad move from the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Memorial Day is a day to pay respect to those who perished during war, fighting for freedom, yet in a very bad decision, president Obama decided to pay his respects in the morning at Arlington National Cemetery to later in the day travel to Fort Belvoir to play golf for the second time on Memorial Day. He did it already in 2009.

In this list of mistakes from Obama as president, are some things that don’t matter that much. However, there are things that show bad movements from the American president and his advisors maybe because he wants to focus too much on his personal life, what do you think? Visit us at to express against Obama.


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